Hike with us!

There are two ways to join us on the trails. Club Fit Frog offers organized urban hikes (1.5 hr. urban walks), Urban Adventure Hikes  (3 hr. outings), full day mountain hikes and multi-day trekking and snowshoe and xc ski tours. Or you can ask us to organize a custom hike  you, your friends, colleagues or family! Learn more about the Lori, the hike organizer.

On the FAMILY* FUN  Hikes, Snowshoe & Crazy Carpet outings, the group may split up so some can pace slower or play more (okay, mostly the kids and their adult) while others pace further on trail or in the powder.  Their will be lots of opportunities to learn about navigation and route finding.  No matter what your age, you’ll have the option of sliding or pouncing on snowshoes (or walking on the hikes) your way back down the trail!

*Family=one or two adults with or without their kids/ grandkids; basically, one family unit!




Club Fit Frog

Sunnyside car with flowersClub Fit Frog offers group urban walking and wilderness hiking, snowshoe and xc ski trips. Each season, a schedule of hikes (snowshoe and ski outings) are offered by Club FitFrog. We are a very small club that offers personal service pre-trip and on the trail. Group sizes are small and club membership fees are seasonal and are for the organization of hikes, snowshoe & ski outings (registration, carpool planning, and route research),  for overhead costs  (office, website, certifications). Club Fit Frog hikes are volunteer lead by Lori Beattie, owner of Fit Frog Adventures. Seasonal,monthly or a la carte hike passes allow club members to access urban and wilderness hikes and snowshoe outings in a session of hikes. Members also have access to FAMILY FUN OUTINGS.

City Walks and Urban adventure hikes travel through Calgary’s parks, into funky shopping districts, architecturally-interesting neighbourhoods, along pathways and into tasty cafés. It’s the vast range of treasures in a small, easily navigated space that makes exploring the city on foot so enjoyable.  And for those of you who want to explore the nearby natural areas or the Rocky Mountain wilderness, we offer a wide variety of full day wilderness hikes and snowshoe outings and multi-day hikes.

A new calendar of club hikes comes out each season. Try out the club to see if it is a good fit with our single hikes. There are a few membership fee options.


*Family=one or two adults with or without their kids/ grandkids; basically, one family unit!

Club Fit Frog Fees




And here’s what you get for your membership fees!

  • Snowshoeing Rawson Lake, Kananaskis Rockies, AlbertaA Club Fit Frog hike coordinator for all outings.
  • Well researched routes for all outings.
  • FAMILY* FUN HIKES! Bring your family for  hikes, walks, snowshoe, and on some multi-day getaways (yup, bring your hiking kids!). One person pays, the rest of the family comes along!*Family=one or two adults with or without their kids/ grandkids; basically, one family unit!
  • Social outings that may include post-hike pit-stops at coffee shops and restaurants; Christmas celebrations. Bring your family or friends even if they don’t do the hike with us!
  • Personalized phone/email advice with your guide on hike locations, gear and clothing.
  • Organized meeting places and times for mountain hikes or snowshoe.
  • Carpool organization for mountain hikes or snowshoe.
  • Guaranteed departure at stated times, on stated dates. If a trail is closed due to bad weather, bears, or any other reason, the Club Fit Frog organizer will choose an alternate hike with a similar level of difficulty.
  • Accommodation and roommate suggestions for multi-day programs.
  • Group meal organization for multi-day programs.


Why walk you ask? Check out Doc. Evans on YouTube 23 1/2 hours.