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Club Fit Frog offers walks year-round in the Calgary area with Calgary Walks (around 7km / 1.5 hours), Urban Adventure Walks (10-12km / 2.5 hours), and Full Day Little Town Treks/ Hikes / Snowshoeing (4-8 hours). Enjoy all Club Fit Frog has to offer with a sampler pass membership that lasts for 6 months.

In the Calgary City Walks, Stairway Walks, and Urban Adventure Treks, you get to explore Calgary’s parks, find funky shopping districts, discover architecturally interesting neighbourhoods, venture along pathways, and into tasty cafés. The vast range of treasures in a small, easily navigated space is what makes exploring the city on foot so enjoyable. On the Spring Hiking Training walks you will discover all the hills, hidden stairways and pathways as you carry your backpack and get fit for summer hikes.

For those of you who want to explore the nearby little towns, prairie natural areas, the Foothills or Rocky Mountain wilderness, Club Fit Frog offers a wide variety of full-day hikes and snowshoe outings with amazing and picturesque views of the Rockies, foothills, and distant prairies – even the city of Calgary itself. The stunning vistas change with the seasons and are well worth exploring year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Club Fit Frog different?
Club Fit Frog is a small club that offers personal service pre-trip and on the trail. Your fees are for the organization of all events and the behind the scene attention to detail. You can email or chat with Lori to discuss the walks and hikes to make sure that they are the right fit for you.

Who’s in charge of the Club Fit Frog programs?
Club Fit Frog walks, hikes, and snowshoe trips are coordinated by Lori Beattie, the owner of Fit Frog Adventures. Lori has organized and guided Calgarians and tourists on over 2000 Calgary hikes and 600 mountain hikes and snowshoe treks since she started Fit Frog in May of 1997. And while Lori will join you on most walks and hikes, on occasion, another Club Fit Frog member will lead walks and hikes (when Lori is on vacation and the club wants to keep on walkin’!)

What do the fees for Club Fit Frog events include?

  • Pre-trip organization
  • A Club Fit Frog volunteer on trail organizer
  • Well-researched routes and alternate routes if for any reason we cannot do the planned route.
  • A small group of wonderful walkers.
  • Organized post-walk social outings, like cafe stops.
  • Carpool organization for full-day town treks, hikes, or snowshoe days. While this is not guaranteed, it may be an option.
  • Wildlife awareness and education while on the trail.
  • Navigation and route-finding conversations while on the hike so hikers who are new to the area will gain the knowledge and confidence to return and explore.
  • Guaranteed departure at stated times, on stated dates.
  • If a trail is closed due to bad weather, bears, or any other reason, the Club Fit Frog organizer will choose an alternate hike with a similar level of difficulty.
  • Fees also help pay for the cost of the website and behind-the-scenes expenses to keep Fit Frog walking!

How long are drop-in passes valid?
Drop-in / a la carte walks, hikes, and snowshoe days can be used for any event in the session in which they were purchased.

Do you walk and hike in all weather?
Walks, hikes and snowshoe days go rain, shine or snow.

What if I have to cancel?
Fit Frog is VERY FLEXIBLE. There are no refunds*, but you can reschedule for any other hike or walk. With the membership, you have the option to attend any and all hikes and walks in the time period purchased so there would not be a reschedule option if you missed one. If you registered for a drop-in and you need to cancel then you can reschedule to another hike or walk whenever it works for you.

*If you have a health issue or a personal emergency and you cannot attend any walks or hikes then Fit Frog will provide a credit for the unused portion of your membership, to be used by you or anyone else in the future.

What is the pace of the walks?
We walk at a moderate pace over varied terrain, with hills and stairs on many walks. The City Walks are 6-7 km in 1.5 hours, the Urban Adventure walks are 10-12 km in 2.5 hours and the mountain hikes vary in distance. All mountain hikes have climbing. Please get in touch with Lori with any questions about fitness level requirements.

Can I bring my dog?
You can bring your dog on city walks and urban adventure hikes. There will be a mix of on and off-leash walking. Dogs are not allowed on the Club Fit Frog mountain hikes unless your dog is experienced in on leash mountain hiking. Off-leash hiking is not allowed in mountain parks due to the potential for wildlife interactions.

Can I bring my kids?
If your kids can walk and hike at an adult pace, then yes, please invite them along. Babes in backpacks and strollers are free. 14 years and younger are half the drop in cost.

What about wildlife in the mountains, like bears?
Bears live in the Rocky Mountains and the foothills. So do cougars, deer, elk, moose, and many other animals. Before every hike, we chat about wildlife awareness. It is our responsibility to let animals know that we are in the area so that we do not surprise them and have a negative interaction. Making noise by talking and the occasional “YO BEAR” yell is how we let them know. Bears are not interested in seeing people and in fact they want to avoid us. We make sure to let them know we are there so they can avoid us and not feel threatened. The hike leader carries bear spray and you are welcome to carry it as well. If you plan to do more hikes with friends and family, you will want to have bear spray.

What should I bring on the mountain hikes?
Please check the “What to Bring” section at the bottom of each hike on the events page for a detailed list of everything you should bring.

More questions?? Please feel free to get in touch!